Packaging & Label Design

Custom Logo Design

A well designed logo will tell the story of your brand and products in just a quick glance. Our logo designers take all of the components on your brand and product line into consideration to create a logo that highlights your product and brand.

Eye Catching Packaging

Studies have shown that consumers will add an item to their cart that catches their eye over their traditional brand of choice. We make sure that your product stands out above the other products that it shares shelf space with. 

Brand Awareness Labels

The label of your product is a resource for consumers to learn more about the product and the ingredients used to produce it. Our label designers bring a vast knowledge of label requirements and design skills to your product label. 

Let's make your product stand out over the competition. 

We are a visual society. How many times have you browsed the aisles at your local grocery or package store and stopped to pick up a product that caught your eye? The Big Brands design team is committed to making sure that your packaging and label are consistent with the product category and appealing to the consumer.  The packaging and label of your product tells a story to the consumer on what they can expect when trying your product. 
All products need labels. Whether it is a label for a nutritional supplement, non-alcoholic beverage or CBD product they all must follow the FDA Guidelines. If your product is one of an alcoholic nature with more than 6.9% alcohol content, it requires following the FDA Guidelines along with TTB approval. We will work with you to create a label that checks off all of the requirements of the TTB to ensure a quick approval process that avoids delay in production or fulfillment of your product. With the new label regulations coming in 2020, partnering with an experienced firm like Big Brands for your label and packaging needs is critical. Ready to get started? Click on the button below. 
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