TTB Approval

We take the confusion out of the TTB Approval process. 

The Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) must evaluate the ingredients and additives of certain wines, distilled spirits, and beers before the product can be made or imported, and before the importer or bottler may apply for a Certificate of Label Approval (COLA). The TTB formula review process can be a bit lengthy and complex, failing to obtain TTB formula approval when required can result in significant delays in the manufacturing and distribution of your alcoholic beverage. 

Not all Alcoholic Beverages require TTB approval. For example, beverages with less than seven percent alcohol volume may not based on their packaging and bottle or can size. We take the confusion out of the TTB process for our clients. 
Big Brands is extremely familiar with the TTB approval process. We have brought numerous alcoholic beverages to market by following the TTB guidelines to ensure that our clients product does not get caught in the approval loop. Put our experience to work for you and your alcoholic beverage. 
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