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Big Brands' Beverage Division
We will help you make confident decisions for you concerning the branding of your beverage.
Big Brands provides advice and guidance on your journey through beverage manufacturing.
Now you can make confident decisions concerning the branding of your beverage guided by our many years of experience with beverage trends and marketing.
Developing Your Beverage Products
Great Products Sell
One of the first steps to creating a great product is deciding on the flavor and formula of the product. 
A formula is like a recipe, where our food and beverage scientists
work on the taste and ingredients that are needed to create a product. 
Define your target market, choose an image and label design,
and test your product before diving into manufacturing.
Our Beverage Development Service provides you with:
• Beverage Consulting
• Focus group testing
• Packaging and label designs
• Samples of your product
Big Brands Manufactures These Profitable Beverage Products
Our Complete Product Line Includes:
These products are available in both liquid and powder:
• Alcoholic beverages - beer, wine, spirits, malts, cordials (only in liquid form)
• Bar mixes and syrups
• Coffee and iced teas
• Energy drinks and shots
• Exercise and workout beverages and shots
• Flavored sparkling waters
• Fruit and juice based drinks and juice concentrates
• Frozen drinks – cappuccinos, fruit smoothies, frozen bar mixes
• Functional drinks and shots
• Health and beauty drinks and shots
• Isotonic and sports drinks
• Novelty products
• Probiotics
• RTD protein drinks and powder
• Soft drinks and sodas
• Vitamin infused water
• Or some new idea!
Big Brands Beverage Manufacturing Services Include:
• Beverage consulting
• Research and development
• Beverage formulation (recipe) and flavoring
• Product samples
• Custom packaging design
• Filling and packaging
• Online sales and distribution
• Shipping and logistics
• Sales and marketing
• Exporting
Click The Images Below To View Some Of Our Brands & Services: