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Big Brands' Consulting Division
Business Services
When starting a new business it can be difficult to know where to start.  Our business professionals and partners will provide you with the foundation upon which your brand is built upon. When building a brand, the proper start-up capital budget is essential not only to make a finished product but to start to market your brand.  We will design a sales and marketing plan and recommend a budget to target major retailers and distributors.
• Alcohol/ TTB licensing and compliance
• Brand management
• Buying and selling of brands
• Distribution set up for your brand
• Formulation investigation
• General business evaluation
• Halal certification
• Import and export trade consulting
• Kosher Certification
• Trademarking/ Trademark infringement
• Regulatory/ Government compliance
• Product taste testing and sampling
• Partnership negotiations and dissolution
• Partnership distribution of your products
• Organic Certification
• Management of co-packers and vendors
• Management evaluation and consulting
• Label compliance and FDA regulations
Our Business and Management Services Include:
Formulation Investigation
Was your product’s formula made the wrong way or were the mixing instructions not
properly stated for shelf life stability.
We can help investigate the formulation and manufacturing and provide you with a
detailed report outlining who was at fault and your damages.
Label Compliance and FDA Regulations
With our Label Compliance and FDA Regulations Services our FDA consultant will carefully analyze your label to make sure the ingredients are FDA compliant and the claims you are making are valid, legal claims. Don’t ignore this important step of the product design process to avoid any recall issues or violations with the FDA
Services include:
• Calculating calorie and nutrient information
• Conducting in-house labeling and nutrition education sessions
• Creating a nutrition or supplement facts panels,
• Researching literature for claims to send to FDA 
• Reviewing claims that are made on beverage and food products claims
Trademarking Services
It is important to trademark your product’s name to protect it against your competition.
Also, making sure your product’s name is available to use in the category you want to market it under. 
Save time and money by having Big Brands trademark or patent through one of Big Brands attorneys.
Services include:
• Evaluate your product and advise you if it is necessary to file a patent, trademark, or copyright
• File application for the product with the US Patents and Trademark Office
• Prosecute and defend patent, trademark, and copyright infringements
Alcohol/ TTB Set-up and Compliance:
We work to provide you with the correct licensing and documentation for you to market an alcoholic beverage.
Services include:
• Federal and State registration, approval, and licensing for U.S. or for import or export
Some of the above services may be performed by one or more of our recommended staff consultants
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