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Big Brands' Design Division
Selling your product means developing an identity that attracts and maintains customers. The name, style, colors and shapes on the package must communicate the idea that your product was made for the consumer. Our design team ensures your product's image and posture appeals to the sensibilities of your targeted demographic.
Our Creative Design Services:
Logo Designs:
Our logo designers have a complete understanding of brand and market trends and will strive to
understand your specific goals and visions when designing your brand image with our recommendations.
The end result is a stunning logo that effectively defines your brand image and separates your brand from the competition.
Label Designs:
Many elements go into designing a label. At Big Brands, our goal is to direct the designing of an attractive label that draws consumers towards the product in the marketplace.
By providing  multiple label options for you to choose from for a final design, our designers make extensive use of images and graphics to add to the attraction of a label.
These images and graphics have the potential to make a label appear unique in appearance.
We listen to you your ideas and make recommendations to ensure the graphics and images used reflect and define the nature of your product.
Package Design:
While creating a label design it is important to select the proper type of packaging design  for your product.
For example, if you want a high class looking product you may want to have that product in a 16 oz bullet bottle with a pressure sensitive or sleeve label. 
For example, is the product in a logo designed tray or box or in a standard brown tray or box?
The type of packaging used is a great way to increase the visibility of your product. Increased visibility leads to increased customer awareness, which leads to increased sales!
With packaging design, our designers use bold visuals,unique packaging structures and color blocking to make your product stand out from the rest of the pack.
Product Tool Kits:
When meeting with retail buyers, distributors, wholesalers, and brokers it is important to have a bold first impression of your product.
We prepare tool kits that will showcase your product and contain vital information that product buyers are looking for. 
This information includes:
• Brochures
• Nutritional Information and Importance of Ingredients
• Power Point Presentations
• Price Sheets
• Promotional and Viral Videos
• Sales Sheets
Customer and Sales Website:
Since we know what buyers and consumers are looking for, we can design or consult on website design to make sure you are provided the correct information to your audience. Our in-house designer can also custom redesign your existing website to provide you with an eye catching new design.
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