About Big Brands
Big Brands was established to take advantage of growing trends in new product development, sales, marketing and consulting for the food and beverage industry. 
This included the manufacturing and distribution of energy drinks and frozen food products and later, we recognized the opportunity to assist others with food and beverage development and consulting.
Throughout the years, we have assisted customers with creating specialized formulas, developing package designs, and producing finished goods for consumers. 
Our customers appreciate our follow through, quick turnaround time, and competitive pricing.
Big Brands,  continues to have its own house brands carried by national chains in the US, Canada, Mexico and other foreign countries. Some of these brands are available for distribution.
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Beverage Formulation and Beverage Manufacturing
Beverage Consulting and Management Services
Big Brands, LLC - Beverage Development Company
Who We Are
With a long history of food and beverage experience,
we offer turn-key solutions
for a new product concept
or an already existing product. We can assist
with all of your needs for
food and beverages. We are your one stop for all your product needs!
How We Can Help
We will turn your product concept into reality by creating a specific taste and recipe of your product, creating an attractive label design, recommending product packaging and producing a finished product. We can assist with sales, marketing and consulting.
How It Works
Simply contact us and we will respond to your request and gather information about your concept.  It is our responsibility to take your idea from concept to a finished product, to up on the retail shelf or ready for online sales.
Steps To A Great Product
Let Big Brands help you create your product. Do not miss the important steps in creating your product:
1. Product brand name: Create a catchy brand name and trademark that name.
2. Product research and development: Decide on the type of product, product formula and packaging, defining target markets, and  complete focus group testing to insure your success.
3. Formulation: Create the proper taste and ingredients for your product.
4. Packaging design: Have the proper look that will appeal to consumers.
5. Label compliance: Check the FDA regulations to be sure your ingredients are allowable and properly stated.
6. Sales and marketing pre-planning:  have a road map and plan of action to get your product on the shelf prior to production.
7. Manufacturing of the finished product.
8. Sales and marketing of finished product: Getting the product on the shelf and growing your sales and brand
Why Private Label Products?
There are several advantages to your own label..
The packaging and labels are custom made to meet your specific needs.
You choose the product name, logo and label design to attract your target market.
Private labeling and branding allows you to create a personalized and unique image which promotes strong customer loyalty.
Private labeling also allows more control over pricing strategies. You have more freedom to create your own marketing plans and promotional strategies.
With higher possible margins come greater opportunities for profit.
With private labeling, you have the option to create your own unique product, acquire one of our products with your name on it, or customize one of our brands to suit your needs
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